Hello, friends! Today, I went from utter enthusiasm (about what shall remain nameless...no, I'm not pregnant) to utter panic in a matter of seconds.

I had a midterm today in my I-choose-this-as-an-elective-because-it's-going-to-be-uber-easy class, Business Communications 125. So as I was 'glancing' (literally) at my textbook notes, I notice in fine print in an online discussion board, the prof has noted that only during Part B, the Memo section of the exam, will we be allowed to use our notes. NOT Part A, the 50 multiple choice questions about Chapter 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8. AWESOME. Therefore, an hour and a half of my afternoon was spent in a very fast paced cram session, in hopes I could retain some of this information, *cough cough* seemingly just common sense *cough cough* about how to right an effective email to a co-worker, essentially. Yes, there is such a thing as a non-effective email.

As I enter the classroom, filled with anxious students flipping violently through hand-made notes, I take a seat near the back for twenty minutes of people watching. Yes, Dad, people watching because as a third year university student, I know that cramming with five minutes to go is rendered completely useless. (Note: I know I completely contradicted my hour and a half cramming session by saying this) My ears zone in to a conversation taking place near by between a nonchalant girl who could care less about any sort of exam and a jock-type with too much gel in his hair. My attention perks when he begins noting what notes he has made in preparation for this midterm.

He states: "I even wrote down the definition of a noun."

Not to be intellectually snobby or dramatic in any way, but I realized at that moment, this class was intended for a different caliber.

I know I just blogged less than 24 hours ago, but something came up. I had to share this with you. As you know our last Young Marriage Episode (if you missed Episode 1, I DARE you to click on the link) was...well...dramatic in a rather nonchalant way. Today's episode is much more relaxing.

I'll try this through dialogue:

Scene: Ryan and Whitney sitting on the couch watching the Ellen show. Yes, the Ellen show.

Ryan: Whitney...I forgot our sixth month anniversary.

Whitney: ...You did? When was it? (*Notice: I didn't even remember)

Ryan: Four days ago. I thought you would be mad at me. I was going to buy you flowers. (Don't I have an awesome husband!?... Be jealous, ladies)

Whitney: Awww... too bad we missed it.

Ryan: Should I still buy you flowers?

Whitney: Nah.

Ryan: Do you want a plant? (Now, this is a crucial line. It's important to know that I'm one of these people who, for the life of them, CANNOT keep a plant alive)

Whitney: (Eyes widen in delight) YES.

So everyone, meet Drake.

DE-LICIOUS Distractions

So I seem to be distracted by EVERYTHING since we got back to school after Reading Break, which means my homework list remains just as long as it was ...48 hours ago. Sigh.

But today, I don't really care about my to-do list. I care about...my tummy. And that it is filled with wonderful things :) And today's wonderful menu included the following:

Yummy steak and shrimp kabobs!
and for dessert:

Tuxedo Strawberries!

That's right. I just made your mouth water :)

Yellow, folks :) So I haven't blogged in about a week and a half, and I apologize for that. I was visiting home (meaning: Mom(in-law), Dad(in-law), brother/sister(in-law), friends (who shall remain nameless for typing sake), and ISLA)! As most of you know, it was Reading Week for many of us students, which means lots of fun and virtually no reading :) ...or blogging. Anyway, I had a wonderful week at home holding my GORGEOUS baby niece, hangin' out with family and bff's, throwing surprise birthday parties, and surviving the blistering cold weather of FSJ, among other things.

However, I came home to a little surprise today. Actually, Ryan and I both did. Let me explain. So, as diligent and financially responsible young adults, we checked our Visa balances online after a week of literally no expenses. (Thanks to both of our parents for free food, free laundry, and a mattress that might as well have been a slab of concrete). And what to our wondering eye should appear? NOT a magical sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. Rather, charges to BOTH of our credit cards from the parking meters at the university. Did I mention that all the charges came out on a day when Ryan and I were not even in Abbotsford, let alone in class? Well, I mentioned it now! Not impressed to say the least. So after being transfered from the automated female robot to "Hi, my name is Laura, how can I help you today?" to "Thank you for calling Visa Risk Centre, my name is Eric and [I really have no intention of helping you today]" I was able to put a hold on my card until I find out what happened. 

But I'll tell you what. When I can that Parking Office tomorrow, boy, are they going to get an earful! I just wanted to let all of you know that I haven't changed this past week. It's still the same ol' me. Enjoy.

Inspired by Icing

After a terribly long day sitting in class learning about the Neo-Aristitilian rhetoricians and how they make the whole world better by teaching composition processes in "unique" way, I needed to find a happy place. So it made me think: What could reverse my mood from complete BOREDOM to simple happiness? Obviously, my husband came to mind :) and then....(drumroll)....cupcakes!

See Figure A:

Figure A: A diagram of standard rhetorical theory

How does this make you feel? Inspired? Creative? Intelligent? OR Like your having a bad hair day? Like your hungry? Like your bored out of your tree? I hope, for you sake, it's the latter. Please, let it be one of the latter!
Now, see Figure B

Figure B: A delicious looking cupcake :D
Annnnd... how does THIS make you feel? Dreary? Sad? BORED? I DON'T THINK SO! This cupcake has a sense of accomplishment, unlike the centuries of rhetoricians that have shaped language into what it is today. This cupcake satisfies, not only my aching brain cells, but my stomach as well! I'd like to see the art of persuasion do that. Ha!

After a disappointed finish to UFC 126 last night, I must come to grips with Vitor Belfort's loss and move on to bigger and better things. *Sigh*

So how 'bout the Super Bowl! ... not! I view the NFL as a...girlier... version of Canadian football. I mean, who needs FOUR downs to go TEN yards? Canadians only need three, FYI. We also have a longer field, making it tens of yards more difficult to score. Just sayin'. And the fans!! OH, the fans! (pretend I'm throwing my head back in agony) Ridiculous!

I mean, check this guy out. Canadians wouldn't go prancing around looking like a giant Cheese Nip? Am I right?


Instead, we go around looking like this: a giant watermelon.

I believe my point has been made.

Ode to Anita

Ode to Anita
by her dear friends Carissa, Miranda, and Whitney

You are the wind beneath our sails,
The wood under our tires,
The ice cream to our waffle cone.

Even though you're not here with us, today,
You live in our heart and minds 
as a great pair of high heels.

Or riding boots.

We will reconnect in a week or so
At a rural hockey game
You'll cheer for your secret crush**
While we root for spouses...or in Carissa's case, the blue team.

We miss you like you miss Old Betsy
A sweet ride without air conditioning, but with lots of laughter

You are the melody to our song
But since this ode sucks, not this song
You can sing it if you like, 
because you're lonesome without us there.
We prefer if you don't, and save KC the agony.

If you're Skype doesn't work, 
And we'll go another week without,
Please read this and remember us as your "special" friends who care.

**Please note: There is no secret crush... that we are aware of. Anita, stop blushing.

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